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BOSSIER CITY, La (KMSS/KTAL) – No one knows more about football in Northwest Louisiana than Deaumante Johnson. After starring as a player at Plain Dealing and Grambling, Johnson has parlayed coaching stops at numerous Shreveport schools into his first head coaching position at Bossier High. Johnson spoke with NBC6’s John Sartori after his first days on the job in our Coach’s Corner.

John Sartori: It was a quick hiring process for you. It felt like you accepted a job at Parkway and then a couple days later, you were named the head coach of Bossier. Really quick turnaround for you, so just take us through that process because it was different than most head coaches would probably go through through a hiring process.”

Deaumante Johnson: “Yeah, it was crazy. The day I decided to go let Coach Guin know at Calvary and move on to Parkway with Coy Brotherton. You know, it was Tuesday. That same day, I went over to Coy Brotherton at Parkway, when we went to play Logansport. You know I made it home that evening pulled in my driveway, and you know I heard about the head coaching job at Bossier High, and you know the process went from there. The opportunity was there so I took it. These kids here, you know, they’re very excited to have me I’m very excited to have them a part of my life, and you know it just, it was, it was really really fast and you know but I’m thankful for it and we can we get things done here now.”

John Sartori: “You say you’re getting things done, you can see the energy is up, the players seem to already have built relationships with you and members of the coaching staff, what do you contribute that to? Because it’s hard to bring out an entire new coaching staff in, with players who have already been here and to have them take a liking to you so quickly, what do you attest that to?”

Deaumante Johnson: “I’m bringing in servant leaders, you know these kids can feel energy, guys come in, they know these guys are here both to better them on and off the field, you know, to win in the game of life and you know the winner here on the football field. So, you know, the kids are really adapting to every coach, loving each and every coach that’s coming in. We still have more coaches coming in that I’m gonna be bringing in with the staff. And so, you know, the kids are you know adapting to these guys really well, you know these guys, these coaches I brought in are some wonderful guys they know the game really well. They’re extremely respectful to these kids and you know they love these kids and the kids can feel it and see it. I’m excited, I’m very excited. I’m getting hyped up talking about it. This coaching staff is hyped up. They are very very excited about it. Bossier City itself is very excited. We’re ready to get the ball rolling around here.”

John Sartori: “You say Bossier City is excited. It is a name that describes the place perfectly. You’ve got the skyline right in the background, what does it mean to you to represent Bossier City for you and your coaches?”

Deaumante Johnson: “It means everything. Everyone is so welcoming around here. It means so much to us to come out here and represent Bossier High School and like I said, to represent the city, It means so much. I am a Bossier Parish kid. I’ve always known about Bossier, Bossier High and you know the rich tradition that they’ve had in the past.”

John Sartori: “You being a former Grambling player, obviously, terrible news, the voice Leon Thomas passing away. Do you have any any fond memories of Leon, maybe a favorite story? what did he mean to you being being a Grambling man yourself?”

Deaumante Johnson: “He meant the world. What people don’t know is like you know a lot of people don’t know I walked on at Grambling. And during that time I wasn’t playing, you know, Leon he was there in my corner, encouraging me, motivating me to keep working hard, because he’s seen it in me, you know, he, he always gave me encouraging words to continue to work hard. Keep your head down keep grinding and that’s the way that G Men, do it. I’m going to miss you know, hearing him, the voice. It gives me chills right now talking about him. I’m going to miss the voice at Grambling games. He was everything to our program out there, he’s going to be extremely missed by everyone, at Grambling State University, including myself. I wish he was here if I can tell him the great news right now, You know I was going to invite him to a game.”

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