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PLAIN DEALING, La (KMSS/KTAL) – Christopher Wilson’s wildest dreams were finally coming true. Find the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with? Check. Land a head football coaching job? Check. But, as Wilson says best, sometimes our most precise plans are nothing compared to the ultimate plan.

“When man plans, God laughs,” said Wilson. And after the offseason Wilson endured, it’s easy to see how the second year head coach of the Plain Dealing Lions can find truth in those words.

The Headaches

“I came home, I ate dinner, and I remember telling my fiancé at the time, ‘I’m going to bed’, and as soon as I hit the ‘d’ in bed, I was out.”

Wilson had now passed out twice in a matter of weeks. Initially, the fear was a heart issue. After his EKG came back, it was clear it wasn’t heart related. After Wilson’s second time falling out, doctors realized Wilson was actually seizing.

“She took me to the hospital and she told the doctors not to let me go home until they found out what was wrong.”

The Tumor

An MRI would reveal the issue: a tumor the size of a golf-ball on Wilson’s brain. Immediate surgery was needed. There wasn’t time to debate: Wilson needed to go under.

The tumor found on Wilson’s brain was removed and found not to be cancerous.

“I’ve never really been the type of person that gets gets really tense,” said Coach Wilson. “It didn’t really hit me until my mom came in and she was crying. I had never seen her cry. So when she walked in the room and started crying as they took me off to surgery, that’s when it hit me how serious this truly was.”

The Surgery

Wilson was under the knife the very next day after his diagnosis. After hours of surgery, the tumor was successfully removed and later revealed to not be cancerous. All the while, Wilson was protecting his team from the seriousness of the situation.

“He didn’t text in the group chat for a while,” said senior cornerback Desmond Jackson. “And then one day school one of my teachers asked me, like, ‘what happened to coach?’ And I really didn’t know.” Jackson realized later that his coach was trying to protect the team. “I think for the greater good, he wanted to keep us away and not worried about that.”

The Recovery

After a successful surgery, the rehab began. Wilson wasn’t allowed to drive for months, having to be brought back and forth to work. It was hard to not feel like a burden on those around him. “Those first couple weeks were tough,” said Wilson. “It was learning some stuff all over again. People have to drive me around all over the place.”

Wilson was able to return to a sense of normalcy once he returned to the sidelines. Being around his team was the ultimate cure-all. “Being out here with my coaching staff and my kids, it’s easily been the best part of my year.”

The Lesson

As Wilson began to recover, he was developing a new perspective on the profession he loves. “If it’s just about winning, just about winning, just about winning and nothing else matters, then these kids aren’t going to appreciate me when I’m gone,” said Wilson. “They’re going to be ready to get away from me and I want them not to leave.”

Wilson encapsulates his off-season journey perfectly: “When man plans, God laughs. We can have things planned out perfectly, and then He is gonna flip it on us. It’s then up to us to adjust to His plan and not ours because ours is going to fail us every-time.”

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