CAMPTI, La (KMSS/KTAL) – After inheriting a team that won only a single game three seasons ago, Coach Dewaski Fuller has the Lakeview Lady Gators at the top of 2A girls basketball.

“We tried to build a different mentality,” said Coach Fuller. “We started two seventh graders when I first got here. And we’ve started to learn how to win.”

Win is all the Lady Gators have done since, improving year over year under Coach Fuller. In 2022, the Lady Gators are ranked second in the state in the 2A power ratings. The secret behind their success? The Fisher Sisters.

Jameisha and Janaiya Fisher are leading the charge for the Lakeview Lady Gators.

There’s Jameisha, a senior point guard, and Janaiya, a freshman guard who is ranked in the top 20 of her class and has started for the Lady Gators since her seventh grade year. They’ve been playing basketball together their entire lives, their competitive spirit pushing them to push each other.

“They push each other hard,” said Coach Fuller. “They are so competitive. I’ll come in here on Sundays to open the gym for shootaround and before you know it they’re going at it hard for an hour and a half in a one-on-one game.”

“I would say, yeah, it’s a competition,” said Janaiya. “But, at the end of the day, she is still my sister.”

You don’t have to watch too closely to figure out which sister is older, either. “Jameisha, you know who the older sister is because she doesn’t mind correcting her younger sister,” said Coach Fuller. “It’s ’cause she’s hard headed,” said Jameisha, through a laugh. “I try to be respectful, but she’s going to do what she wants to do.” Janaiya agreed. “She’s absolutely right.”

Janaiya is averaging 20 points, six assists, and three steals per game while Jameisha is averaging 16 points, eight rebounds and four steals per game.

With Jameisha graduating this spring, the clock is ticking on the Fishers’ time on the court together. The pair couldn’t be more grateful for the last three years.

“We’ve gotta show out. This is our last year,” said Jameisha.

Once last chance to add a brand new banner to the gymnasium wall. The impact it would have on the Campti community and the school isn’t lost on the Fishers, either.

“I feel like it would do us good, knowing that we would be the only team that won a state championship. It would do a lot for girls basketball and for Lakeview,” said Janaiya. Jameisha pointed towards the wall and said, “And our picture would be up there forever.”

Teammates for three years, sisters for life. The Fisher Sisters are our players of the week.