SHREVEPORT, La (KMSS/KTAL) – It’s not uncommon for Shreveport starts to return to their communities and give back. Just in the month of June, the likes of Terrace Marshall (Parkway), Brandon Wilson, Rodarius and Greedy Williams (Calvary), all have their own youth camps in Shreveport.

MarJayvious Moss (front left) watches onward as a participant in the Kam Evans’ Football Camp completes a drill.

What is uncommon to see is a kid still in high school deciding he didn’t want to wait until later to give back. He wanted to start now.

“It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do, to give back,” said Huntingon’s star quarterback, Kam Evans. So, that’s exactly what Evans has done with the inaugural Kam Evans Football Camp: give back to Shreveport’s youth in a way he wish he could have experienced growing up. For Evans, giving back is nothing new.

“It’s who he is,” said Huntington Head Football Coach Steven Dennis. “I think God has laid a special mission on his heart to serve. He believes in servant leadership. That’s something we talk about in our program a lot.”

Ta’Derius Collins (shown), MarJayvious Moss and Marquez Stevenson were just a few of the high school players coaching campers.

That leadership ability helped bring together some of Shreveport’s brightest high school stars, including Captain Shreve’s Marquez Stevenson and Northwood stars Ta’Derius Collins and MarJayvious Moss.

“These are some of my best friends,” said Evans. “I reached out to them knowing that they would do anything to make the kids happy and give back.”

So with most of Huntington’s coaching staff also in attendance, a handful of Shreveport’s rising football stars (with dozens of scholarship offers between them) spent their morning coaching kids of a variety of ages. While the kids certainly enjoyed themselves, it’s safe to assume their make-shift coaches did, too.

“I’ve been knowing Kam for a long time,” said Ta’Derius Collins. “It’s always good to give back to the community. It’s always good to help kids out because you never know what they’re going through. This could get them out of trouble because they’re out here working with us.”

“A lot has been going on in our city lately,” said MarJayvious Moss. “So… we’re just doing something for the kids and the culture, letting them know football is still here and you can still get out of Shreveport.”

Evans hopes the camp can grow over time and impact even more kids across the area.

“A few years from now its going to be way bigger than this,” said Evans. “I’m gonna keep doings this, staying consistent, keep leading the youth, keep being there for them, and keep being a listening ear for them.”