SHREVEPORT, La. (KMSS/KTAL) – At East Ridge Country Club on Wednesday, a wish came true for one Shreveport teen.

“We’re here to grant life-changing wishes for those battling life-critical illnesses,” said Yara Elsayed Guest, the President and CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For Shreveport native Max White, that critical illness is cancer.

“I’m building myself back up, and it’s taking a little bit longer than planned,” said White. “I thought I would be over it in a few months when I got back.”

Fast forward to now, and Max is due for his two-year check-up next week. That’s where the Make-A-Wish Foundation comes in.

“In my experience, if you make a call about Make-A-Wish and you say we need your help, whether it’s a celebrity, whether it’s a partner, or a company, it doesn’t matter, they will step up and they will respond,” said Guest. In this instance, the one responding was Shreveport native and PGA Canada Pro Phillip Barbaree.

Phillip Barbaree competes on PGA Tour Canada and says he was honored to fulfill Max White’s wish.

“Just getting to re-live his journey and ask him questions about everything he’s been through has been special for me,” said Barbaree, who grew up in the same neighborhood White currently lives in. “It’s tough. It puts everything in perspective. In hindsight, this is probably doing more for me than it is for him, in my eyes.”

For Max, not only did he receive brand new golf gear, but he also got to spend the afternoon golfing with Barbaree. The two tag-teamed the East Ridge Country Club course together, swapping stories and just hanging out. The experience is one that’s hard to put into words for Max.

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“It’s something I haven’t experienced before,” said White, who has been in love with the game of golf since he was introduced to the game by his father. “I don’t really have the words for it right now because I’ve got a lot on my mind, but it’s amazing, and I’m very blessed to be going through this.”

Max White has loved the game of golf since his father introduced it to him at an early age.

Max isn’t the only kid in Shreveport the Make-A-Wish Foundation is trying to impact. Currently, there are dozens of others with wishes that the organization wants to help.

“We invite the community to be a part of the make a wish family, whether that’s volunteer, donating, or just learning a little bit more about how they can be a part of it.”

If you want to help make a child’s wish come true and help the Make-A-Wish Foundation, click here.