Marketplace Chevy Player of the Week: Jordan Clark, Northwood Falcons

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SHREVEPORT, La (KMSS/KTAL) – The Northwood Falcons are 5-2 on the season behind a defense that is only giving up an average of 12 points per game. The cornerstone of that defense? Senior outside linebacker Jordan Clark.

“I feel like if I’m up the defense will be up. I feel like If i come out saying I’m ready to hit, then the defense will be ready to hit,” said Clark.

“His impact is greater than his stat line is, his impact to the defense, his toughness, enthusiasm, aggressiveness is huge as well,” said his head coach, Austin Brown. Clark’s toughness was on full display earlier this season after playing through a pretty gruesome injury.

“It was on the goal line and they were about to score. You know how goal line is, it gets messy down there. So, really, I felt (my finger) break, and then, you know the sensation where like your leg will go to sleep?” said Clark. “It felt like that. I just popped part of it back in place, but I went to the sideline and my glove was bloody, and my finger was bent and I was like yeah, I can’t keep playing with this. If I would have went back in my finger probably would have ripped off.”

Jordan Clark notched six tackles, three for loss, and an interception in the Falcons’ 26-0 win over Evangel.

His head coach could barely stomach the sight of Clark’s injury. “I went back there and looked at him and the bone was sticking out, the meat of his finger was ripped off the bone and it was just a piece of bone sticking out,” said Coach Brown. “That was enough for me to say I’ve gotta go coach football.”

Clark didn’t need two working hands to be effective against Evangel, notching six total tackles, three for loss and an interception in the Falcons’ 26-0 win over the Eagles.

“To think about how good Evangel has been in the past years and now we’re 2-1 against Evangel, it’s special,” said Clark. “I feel like its a team effort and the team is so good and we’ve got good chemistry. And the coaches got good chemistry and that makes it possible.”

“Clark takes away a third of what an offense wants to do, getting the ball out there on screens, he takes that all away,” said Coach Brown. “He did that against Evangel. You watch film and talk to opposing coaches, they’ll tell you we gotta run the other direction.”

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