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SHREVEPORT, La (KMSS/KTAL) – Let me paint you a picture. It’s Halloween 2007. I’m getting ready to go trick-or-treating dressed as my football idol: Brett Favre. With a Green Bay Packers jersey draped over my shoulder pads, we took off, as my friends addressed me as the three-time MVP and I emulated the gunslinger’s deep southern drawl and slung a few reckless balls to my siblings. Much like Favre himself, I got too arrogant, and tried to fit a ball into too tight of a window. Literally. I tossed a ball with a little too much heat through a neighbors window. Needless to say, not my finest moment. Also, not something you’d see on the Top 6 Plays on NBC 6. But, luckily, there were plenty of worthy plays this week that didn’t involve me committing minor crimes as a child.

6. TATUM TOTES IT | Taylor Tatum shows off his speed on TD run
Longview’s workhorse running back Taylor Tatum does it all for the Lobos: runs, catches, runs, runs, and he runs. Did I mention he runs? The running back displayed superior vision on a 65 yard touchdown run in the team’s loss to McKinney North. Some say, Tatum is still running, right now. It’s all he knows how to do.

5. HAMMER, MEET NAIL | Zay Thomas levels returner
It’s Halloween after all so there was bound to be something truly terrifying popping up on our list this week. The week’s spookiest play comes courtesy of Zay Thomas of Waskom. The Wildcat defender completely leveled the Elysian Fields’ returner on the game’s opening kick-off. The hit is not for the faint of heart.

4. 20/20 VISION | Wilder displays great vision
Ed Wilder. An incredible name, we can all agree on that. But Wilder displayed something even more incredible: perfect vision on his catch and run against Pine Tree. He cuts all the way across the field before eventually being brought down. Personally, I’m jealous of his vision. I can barely read the tele-prompter, let alone a defense.

3. GLAD-WATER | Long TD helps Bears clinch district title
Colin Lewis loves a good screen pass. Do I know this for certain? I can’t say. But watching him take this screen the length of the field for a touchdown makes me think he’s a fan. Lewis’s long score helped the Bears get the win, and clinch the district title. A win-win-win, if you ask me.

2. RETURN OF THE KING | Jaylen Hopson makes triumphant return to our list
Prescott’s Jaylen Hopson is responsible for possibly the play of the season. He’s no stranger to our list. But, it’s been a minute since he’s appeared. That changed this week, when Hopson showed off all the tools in his skill tool-box, cutting back across the field, breaking tackles, and displaying top-end speed that’s made him one of the state’s most coveted recruits. Welcome back, Jaylen. It’s like you never left.

1. “WARE”ING OUT THE DEFENSE | Joshua Ware stiff arms, then blows past defense
Our top play this week is actually the only play this week from a Louisiana game. But, we saved the best for last, as Southwood’s Joshua Ware showed off the nastiest stiff-arm we’ve seen this season, planting the defender. Now comes the hard part: does Ware have the speed to take it the distance. The short answer: yes. The long answer? Hell yes. 75 yards later and Ware is in the end-zone. Ware has put together consecutive weeks of 200 yards plus rushing and two touchdowns.

Well, that’s our list for the week. Tune in to the Friday Night Blitz every Friday night at 10:20 on KTAL during the football season to catch more plays like these and continue watching the Sunday Night Sports Blitz to see where these plays rank at the end of the week. And remember, kids: don’t throw fast-balls to your siblings in front of your neighbor’s living room windows. It’s a recipe for disaster and you’ll have several allowances taken away to replace the glass and window pane.

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