NATCHITOCHES, La (KMSS/KTAL) – For the first time since August 1996, Northwestern State Athletics will have a new leader.

UNCG’s Kevin Bostian takes over for Greg Burke. Bostian has big shoes to fill but says he’s more than ready for the opportunity.

“I am stepping into some big shoes. He laid a great foundation for this program over the last 25 years and all I want to do is build on that and move the program forward,” Bostian said following his introduction ceremony Thursday.

“February 7th, that Monday, it’s time to get the sleeves rolled up and it’s time to grind and we got a lot of work to do and it’s going to take some time, not everything is going to be fixed or accomplished in six months, a year. But, we’re going to get there and I’m excited to get that started.”

Facilities were a major talking point on Thursday, they’re a big part of Bostian’s plan for the University. Both Prather Coliseum and Turpin Stadium are two of the larger mid-major Division I venues and they were a big draw to get him to Natchitoches.

“FCS stadiums aren’t that big for the most part and that is definitely one of the reasons that intrigued me about the position,” Bostian said in reference to Turpin Stadium’s 15,971 seating capacity. “It’s all about boots on the ground and fundraising and once we have that plan together, we’re going to work hard to achieve that.”

It’s exciting time for Northwestern State. Back in November, Dr. Marcus Jones was introduced as the 20th President of the University. Now, Kevin Bostian becomes the new Demon Athletic Director.