Sunday Night Sports Blitz: Building the SUSLA Football program from the ground up… literally

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Danny Palmer is the Head Football Coach for a brand new Southern Shreveport JUCO Football Team.

Danny Palmer has been in the coaching buissness for over 40 years, but his newest role as head ball coach of the Southern Shreveport Jags is a whole other type of ballgame.

“Well it’s new, it’s like starting from scratch,” said Palmer. “When you start building your own practice field and the kids are trying on equipment, and you are getting to know them in the dorm, it has a different charactersitic about it.”

Of course when any new team comes together on the field, team chemistry is key. Coach Palmer and the Jags have spent the off-season working on team bonding.

“We came together… We worked on building a practice field, we’re working on getting the wait room done,” said Palmer.

Wait, the Jags built their own practice field?!

“They players leveled the field with sand by hand. We got a 61-inch mower donated, so we moved it and cut it down gradually, we’ve lined it off, we fertilized it. All of the things that you have to do to have a good practice field.”

“He really started this thing from scratch, ” said one of Palmer’s players. “The grass was really tall. We did a lot of stuff as a team, shoveling dirt, grew grass, fertilized all that, used ant killer, and organized everything and now it looks great. Lined off the field, and you know we are going to continue to build.”

Well, you know what they say.. if you build it, they will come.

“The kids all joined together, every one of them,” said Palmer. “Joined in and they all did different parts and they kind of bonded together when you do something like that. It’s a pretty good looking practice field right now and its going to be even better.”

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