Meet the Mudbugs: Jason Soupy Campbell


Jori Parys said, “Here now for a very special edition of Meet The Mudbugs with I am joined by head coach Jason “Soupy” Campbell. Coach you played for this team for 6 years when it was a minor pro team this is your second season as head coach you were an assistant coach, simply put, what does this franchise mean to you?”

Jason Campbell said, “It means everything to me. Came here as a player and Musky actually asked recruited me to come down here. As soon as you get here and you play in front of the fans and just the southern hospitality you know you fall in love with Shreveport. For me it started immediately.”

Parys said, “What’s been the most rewarding thing about being a head coach?”

Campbell said, “They’re all good hockey players but they want to go somewhere else so the biggest challenge and what I love about it is the challenge of trying to get the most out of these players and see them improve throughout the season. I just love the development part of it and the camaraderie part of it then seeing them grow on and off the ice.”

Parys said, “We know why your nickname is soupy but I want to ask you when did that first come about when did it really stick.”

Campbell said, “Really my Dad was soupy and I used to just follow him around the rink he was playing his adult league games and I would just be a rink rat running around then they would just start calling me soupy.”

Parys said, “So you’re from right outside of Toronto. You’ve traveled the world as both a player and a coach, What is it about Louisiana specifically that really captured your heart?”

Campbell said. “It’s just been so welcoming right from the get go. I really love what we’re trying to do here. I really believe in George’s Pond and what it stands for what it’s trying to bring to the community and you just can’t turn away from opportunities like this.”

Parys said, “Coach thank you so much for your time appreciate it.”

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