NBC 6 Sports Director Tim Owens sits down with Brad Laird about his career and future at NSU


Tim Owens said, Entering year two, this program has been down for a couple of years, really came on last season. Where are we at as a program at this point?

Brad Laird said, There’s always as you look at a football team, there’s so many intangibles that go along with how much success you’re going to have, more so than the x’s and o’s. The Comradre, the teamwork, who’s our leader, and I think we’re continuing as we go through the spring to continue to develop those guys that are going to step up and be the leaders of this football team.

Tim Owens said, A guy like Jazz Ferguson, who was on this team last year, he was very productive for you, how do you replace that production going into year two for you?

Brad Laird said, Anytime you have graduating seniors or in Jazz’s case a junior that left early, you’re going to have holes that you got to fill. The thing that you hope for, you mentioned Jazz, is you hope to find someone that has the ability to be a locker room guy. A guy that you can count on to show up day in and day out to compete.

Tim Owens said, Coaching is in someone’s blood it seems like, families you got the lineage of coaches, you had a dad that coached for a long time and was a very successful man, is that what made you want to get involved in coaching?

Brad Laird said, I came to Northwestern and was not going to coach. I was going to get into physical therapy and be a physical therapist. It is in your blood when you grow up around it, the opportunity to influence young men, that’s what coaching is about. That’s what I saw more than him coaching for 40 plus years. As I went through my coaching career there has been two different instances where I’ve gotten out of coaching for particular reasons and in both instances I loved what I did. What draws you back is not the x’s and o’s. It’s the opportunity to be around these young men day in and day out and influence them not only on the field but off the field to where now as I’m 45 and guys that I coached 20 years ago to see the success they have based off some of the small influences that maybe we as coaches had on them. 

Tim Owens said, Coaching at your Alma Mater is kind of a dream. I talked to Coach Fobbs about this last week and he said the same thing, What are your goals overall with coaching? Do you want to coach at the highest level? Do you want to coach in the SEC or the NFL?

Brad Laird said, I want to coach this 2019 team to be the best that it can be and it was when I came to Northwestern in 1991 and had the opportunity to play and I got into coaching in 1996 as a graduate assistant here at Northwestern State and getting into high school and getting into college you look back and one of the things that I said and my dream job was to sit in that office down there at Northwestern State as a head coach. I’m here.

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