NBC 6 Sports Director Tim Owens sits down with Skip Holtz on continuing success at LA Tech


Tim Owens said, Five straight bowl wins, you have a senior quarterback returning for his third year as a starter. How high are the expectations at Louisiana Tech in 2019?

Skip Holtz said, The expectations are high, but they’ve been high for the last four or five years. When you look at, we’ve had some great success but there’s not a feeling of content. There’s still some things that we want to accomplish. We’ve won the division we’ve got two first place finishes two second place finishes we’ve been competitive, but we want to win the league.

Owens said, You talk about success, nobody has had more success sacking the quarterback than Jaylon Ferguson. Replacing that kind of production on the defense on that front, how do you do that?

Holtz said, I look at a guy like Willie Baker. Second half of the season Willie Baker started playing more and more and in the bowl game Jaylon Ferguson sets the all time sack record, but Willie Baker was the one that had four sacks and made the all bowl team. We’ve got some talented players there we just may not know their names yet. I look at guys like Tristan Allen and some of maybe the  young guys that haven’t played a whole lot. Those guys are going to have to play a prominent role as well in that whole thing.

Owens said, You come from a coaching family, Dad was kind of a legend in Ohio where he’s from. At Notre Dame, at Arkansas. Does that bring a little bit more pressure for you?

Holtz said, No, I mean I’ve always said I’m not trying to be the next Lou Holtz. I’m trying to be the best Skip Holtz I can be. Trying to be like Lou Holtz I’d look like Bozo the clown running around, picking up my feet. For me to have the opportunity to get into it and to stay in it. This is going to be my twentieth year as a head coach. For me its a phenomenal profession it’s a very rewarding profession because you have an opportunity to be involved in these young men’s lives from 18 to 22. Love the profession but don’t feel any pressure like I got to match my Dad’s success.

Owens said, You spent some time on some pretty major college football staffs. Florida State, Notre Dame, South Carolina, any goals or would you ever want to go and Coach at that level again the SEC, NFL or anything like that?

Holtz said, I think a line was drawn in the sand and I think it was about ten years ago when you start talking about  power five, group of five, because it was all division one. It was all division one and then when they made that line whether you talk about like any desire to go to the NFL I’ve said before I don’t need a logo on my sleeve to say you’re enjoying coaching. You’re loving what you’re doing there’s so many positive things here and there’s so many great players and coaches in this region you look in the state of Louisiana. I am enjoying coaching I’m enjoying doing what we’re doing. I’m not trying to make a name for myself I’m not trying to get the next job. I have had a great experience here at Louisiana Tech I’m enjoying it here. If this is my last stop than this is the last place I have the opportunity to coach I certainly won’t feel like wow I’m unfulfilled.

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