NBC 6’s Jori Parys goes one-on-one with Floyd Mayweather Sr.


I am joined here with the man who needs no introduction in the world of boxing Floyd Mayweather Sr now Floyd, you’ve trained Devin he is the favorite tomorrow. At 20 years old he’s impressed many, what do you see in him that’s special?

Floyd Mayweather – First of all first thing I see, I’ve been training Devin since he was about 8 years old. He’s got good defense and he’s still working on his defense he’s going to get better with everything that he’s doing. There’s a lot of things that yall aint going to see that I might tell him in the corner. It’s going to be some things that for the other guy it ain’t going to look good.

Now who better to learn defense from than you but somebody he’s been compared to is your son. Do you see any of your son in Devins fighting?

Mayweather – Both of them have their own style but right now it’s Floyd that has the physical defense but when I work with Devin he’s going to come up with the same thing.

Now I’ll ask you I know you used to write poems for your opponents. Did you write anything to Ndongeni for Devin tomorrow?

Mayweather – Yes I did one over there on the TV?

Did you really? Do you remember any of the lines can you give us something?

Mayweather – It’s for me. I’m the biggest, baddest trainer I know. I’m going to do this thing with moves and groves and dance and prayers. Fools better recognize who’s the man.

Fools better recognize who’s the man absolutely hey I appreciate your time very much Floyd Mayweather everybody. 

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