Playmakers in the Community: Centenary Baseball lends a helping hand in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura


“Hurricane Laura hit and it hit pretty hard espeically in Lake Charles,” said Diamond Gent Connor Cudd. “I have multiple friends, they’re houses just got wiped completly off the map.”

” I’m actually from Lake Charles so just seeing all of the destruction, it really took me back,” said teammate Chris Haggard. “I was happy that I could help.”

“It was jaw dropping to drive down to Lake Charles and see all of the stuff that I normally see just completely wiped out,” said Cudd. “When I came back, they were the first guys to say ‘I want to help.’ They helped clean out the house, helped moves the trees, a lot of stuff that was just a big hastle for my family and they were very stressed out battling not hvaing power or water. For them it was just moving some stuff, it wasn’t that heavy of items. But for my family of four, and my aunt and uncle next doot, and then grandsparents, them helping us load up all that stuff really relieved a lot of stress for my parents during that time.”

“Yeah it was kind of mezmerising to see all of the destruction that happened,” said teammate Luke Royale. “I mean it also was promising seeing the whole community come together and donating and everyone trying to help everyone out. It was nice to be a part of something bigger than myself and to go down there and help the community.”

“I wish I was able to do more than what I did for Connor’s house,” said John Beaudion. “There’s a lot of work that still needs to be done.”

“It was easy to help my teammate and my friend Connor Cudd and his family,” said Royale. “But also helping the person that you don’t know, your neighbor, or someone that just has their hands out asking for it. So just being able to do what you can, that’s all that you can do.”

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