Carson Nichols sits down with Jori Parys in this weeks Meet the Mudbugs

Shreveport Mudbugs

Jori Parys said, “I am joined here now by Carson Nichols, Carson I want to start out I asked a few of your teammates what their favorite memories was as a Mudbug, and it was the triple overtime win against Lonestar last season in the playoffs. You had a goal to tie it up and you’ve had three game winners. What goes through your head in that kind of moment.”

Carson Nichols said, “A lot of excitement goes through my head at first but when you realize you actually got the game winner its a big shock.”

Parys said, “This is your second season here in Shreveport you’re from Michigan. What suprised you the most about Louisiana culture?”

Nichols said, “I honestly didn’t think they’d be this intense about hockey. Cause I know we can get pretty rowdy in Detroit, they could be first.”

Parys said, “We all know hockey players are really tough guys, but I want to ask you what’s something that hits you right in the feels?”

Nichols said, “That hits me right in the feels. Dog videos, or like little baby videos. Those really hit me in the heart strings.”

Parys said, “Alright I’ve got ten questions. I want you to answer with the first thing that comes to your head they’re going to be rapid fire ready? Favorite social media platform.”

Favorite movie.
Law Abiding Citizen.
Favorite song right now.
Business by Eminem.
Who inspires you.
My father.
Dream facation.
Bora Bora.
Favorite pro team.
Detroit Red Wings.
Funniest guy on the team.
I probably would go Maiszon Balboa.
Talent that you wish you had.
Score more goals.
You’re pretty good at that though. If you could only eat one food forever what would you eat.
Probably go hamburger.
What’s your go to dance move.
Little shimmy, add some maracas…

Carson thank you for your time.

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