Jori Parys sits down with Shreveport Goalie Maiszon Balboa in 1st edition of ‘Meet the Mudbugs’

Shreveport Mudbugs

Jori Parys said, “I am joined here now with Mudbugs Goalie Maiszon Balboa now Maiszon goalies are unique characters on a hockey team certainly lovable guys, do you have any goalie antics?”

Maiszon Balboa said, “Every Goalie has their quirks I like to say but I think for me personally I always put on the left side of my gear first so my left skate my left pad. Before games I tap my posts maybe 100 times.”

Parys said, “Every goalie has to be even keeled, but what is one thing in life that annoys you?”

Balboa said, “I don’t like liars. Liars really annoy me.”

Parys said, “I want you to take my through the mindset of a goalie on a breakaway opportunity what are you thinking?”

Balboa said, “Well you know I kind of see the play developing and well you know this could either make you look really good or really bad but like you’re saying stay even keeled and focus on the task at hand.”

Parys said, “With the last name Balboa I have to ask how many people ask if you’re related to Rocky.”

Balboa said, “I get rocky a lot as a nickname. I actually have a Balboa tattoo, its a pair of boxing gloves.”‘

Parys said, “How many tattoos do you have.”

Balboa said, “Five.”

Parys said, “Are the boxing gloves your favorite tat?”

Balboa said, “They were my first one actually I got them last year in Shreveport with Tim Klifton my roommate. We went and got tattoo’s on a whim.”

Parys said, “That is real team bonding right there.”

Balboa said, “If we win a Robertson Cup I know a lot of boys are going to go get them.”

Parys said, “You’re heading to the Air-force Academy. What are you most excited about.”

Balboa said, “Being close to home really excites me I think I live like 20 minutes from the Air-force Academy. It’s just a great opportunity and I can’t wait to get in with a great group of guys.”

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