Meet the Mudbugs: Defenseman David Breazeale

Shreveport Mudbugs

Jori Parys said, “I am joined here now by David Brezeale also known as Breezy, also known as captain and that’s where I want to start with you. What does it mean to have that leadership role on this team.”

Brezeale said, “Its a great honor. The guys that we have on this team its so special to be able to lead a group like this so we got a lot of guys who are great leaders on the team and it makes it easy for me. It’s a dream come true it’s really special for me.”

Parys said, “When did you first start playing hockey?”

Brezeale said, “Hockey is a generational thing my grandpa started it with us and my Dad played, both of my brothers so we have home videos it’s hilarious I’m crying banging on the glass because I want to be out there so they got me in skates as soon as they could.”

Parys said, “Youve been here for two seasons now in Shreveport. What has surprised you the most, you’re from Michigan, about Louisiana?”

Brezeale said, “Just the culture. How nice people are. Thats something I really charish because being away from home its hard. They show you love even if they don’t know you it’s pretty special.”

Parys said, “Ten questions, I want you to say the first thing that comes to your head ready?”

Favorite movie?
“The Other Guys.”
Favorite video game?
Favorite food?
You’ve gotten the good stuff here.
“I’ve gotten great gumbo here its been unreal.”
Favorite professional team?
“The Redwings.”
Favorite song right now?
“The new Drake song with Future is pretty good.”
If you could be any superhero who would you want to be?
“I would want to be batman.”
Are you a morning or night person?
“I’m a morning person.”
Favorite social media platform?
“I like Instagram.”
Hidden talents you have any?
“I can juggle.”
That’s a good one. One thing you wish you could do.
“I wish I could fly.”
Breezy thank you so much.

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