Two Junior Mudbugs are making a statement as girls in hockey


Saying you’re a hockey player naturally causes curiosity in the south, but what if you heard it from these faces? Meet Rainey and Addison; Two girls, two friends, two hockey players.  With the Junior Mudbugs, that’s the only way they’re referred to.   

Kason Muscutt said: “Hockey is hockey, so the game is played how the game is played. Girls or boys – everybody plays a different role on the team so with the girls it doesnt really make a difference.”

Dave Brocato said: “Some of the girls pick up things faster than the boys and some of the boys pick up things faster than the girls so its pretty equal out there.”

Being equal is what matters most. However, the reality exists and its not always easy for the girls to be understood as hockey players when they take off their skates.

Addison Morvent said: “Oh look out she plays hockey shes tougher than you and stuff.”

“If a boy goes up to you and goes yeah I play hockey, well in Louisiana its still kinda like oh, ok. When a girl walks up to you its, it may sound sexist but its true like they say oh I don’t think that.”

The team and coaches have never thought that. A lesson from 12 year olds that cannot be ignored. 

Rainey Howell said: “It feels pretty good because in most sports you dont really get to be equalized, usually like maybe if you play with all girls teams then they all treat you the same but when its guys and girls its a little bit more different.” 

Whats different, is a prime and wonderful example of true equality in sports. 

“Hey this not just a one sex sport this is every gender sport.”

Keep skating “like girls” ladies.  Reporting with the Junior Mudbugs, im Jori Parys 

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