Arkansans have until Oct. 1 to obtain ‘REAL ID’

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Beginning October 1, you will no longer be allowed to fly or enter a federal building without a REAL ID or passport.

Currently, only 25 of the 134 revenue offices in Arkansas allow residents to obtain a REAL ID.

However, on February 3, all 134 revenue offices will be able to issue REAL ID’s to all Arkansans.

“Hopefully there won’t be a last-minute rush but there probably always is,” said Bob Weiler, who already has REAL ID.

Nine months from now, Revenue offices may look a lot different, as Arkansans’ pile in waiting until the last minute to get their REAL ID or Enhanced Security Drivers License.

“It wasn’t that difficult,” said Weiler.

Bob Weiler got his REAL ID a year ago since he travels frequently to see his son in Germany.

“I felt like I was going to need that for air travel along with my Passport,” said Weiler.

Wiler’s right, if you plan on traveling you need a REAL ID by October first of this year.

Scott Hardin, the Spokesman for Finance and Administration Department said Weiler is part of a very small percentage of people who already have their REAL ID.

“Less than 10 percent. We know that there is a larger percentage than that that will be traveling frequently or in and out of a federal courthouse and needs this,” said Scott Hardin, the Spokesman for Finance and Administration Department, “that last day in September there will likely be significant lines waiting for this ID.”

As for the paperwork needed to obtain the ID, Weiler and Hardin said to do your research.

“It’s information that you should have anyway so it would be a good opportunity to use that,” said Weiler.

“If you have a question should I bring this? The answer is yes,” said Hardin.

Once you have all the paperwork and you get approved, you will walk out of the Revenue Office with a brand new ID with a gold star in the top right corner.

You will still be able to fly with a passport.

Hardin said the main difference is the price. The REAL ID cost about 40 dollars.

Enhanced licenses will be more difficult to tamper with and will require increased background checks for applicants, said Walter Anger, assistant revenue commissioner for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

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