Dozens arrested for sex crimes against children in ‘Operation Broken Heart’

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BATON ROUGE, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – More than 40 people are behind bars for sexually exploiting children across Louisiana.

Attorney General Jeff Landry announced Monday that there 63 arrests for internet crimes against children during “Operation Broken Heart.”

The two-month initiative was designed to identify, apprehend, and prosecute those who produce, distribute, receive and possess child pornography; engage in online enticement of children for sexual purposes; engage in the sex trafficking of children; and travel across state lines or to foreign countries and sexually abuse children.

General Landry said, “Sexual exploitation of kids is gut-wrenching and involves unspeakable things that would shock the conscience of every one. Operation Broken Heart sends a powerful message to predators across the country – law enforcement will find you and we will protect Louisiana’s children.”

Alongside the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force taskforce, Landry’s Louisiana Bureau of Investigation made the arrests between April 1 and May 31.

The 45 suspects were charged for crimes associated with sexual abuse images and videos of children under the age of 13.

FBI Special Agent in Charge of New Orleans Eric Rommal said, “The efforts and results of this operation are real and long-lasting, Whether it is the FBI, the Attorney General’s Office, or many of our partners – we will continue to help those who cannot protect themselves.”

Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard said, “Our children are our most valuable assets. We must work together to protect them. This Operation is a great example of the collaborative effort in place to help protect the innocent.”

Morgan City Police Chief James Blair said, “Our dangers are as close as a thumbstoke to our children. The more we can prevent and educate the public, the better we will be as a society.”

Landry added, “Operation Broken Heart is also a reminder of how dangerous the Internet can be and how important it is for parents and guardians to be aware of what your children are doing and with whom they are communicating. I encourage all to check out our office’s Be Smart With Your Smartphone brochure.”

Those arrested and their charges are as follows:

  • Jeremy Clinton Richard (W/M, DOB 03/16/1979) – 1 count distribution, 65 counts possession
  • Chandler Johnson (W/M, DOB 09/14/2000) – 40 counts possession
    Nery Wilfredo Lopez Alvarado (H/M, DOB 03/03/1985) – 1 count distribution
  • James Cody Naquin (W/M, DOB 01/19/1998) – 4 counts possession
  • Zachary J. Dusang (W/M, DOB 04/28/1991) – 3 counts possession
  • Josiah Z. Chambers (B/M, DOB 08/05/1999) – 500 counts possession
  • Scott Charles Gaskill (W/M, DOB 11/24/1970) – 6 counts possession
  • Joseph Powell Boatman (W/M, DOB 06/03/1993) – fugitive from State of Texas for online solicitation of a minor
  • Daniel Joseph Looper (W/M, DOB 07/15/1951) – 100 counts possession
  • Adrian Danos (W/M, DOB 11/30/1999) – 53 counts possession
  • Miguel Angel Fiallos Martinez (H/M, DOB 01/05/1975) – 300 counts possession
  • Brian Pool (W/M, DOB 10/23/1977) – 96 counts possession, 2 counts obstruction of justice
  • Mark Williamson (W/M, DOB 12/04/1952) – 8 counts possession
  • Jonathan Arthur Moyer (W/M, DOB 07/06/1977) – 10 counts distribution
  • Ezra Paul West (W/M, DOB 05/10/1997) – 220 counts possession
  • Daniel F. Hardy II (W/M, DOB 04/22/1985) – 500 counts possession
  • Isiah Blanchard (B/M, DOB 10/10/1997) – indecent behavior with juvenile, computer-aided solicitation of a minor
  • Byron Curtis Smith (W/M, DOB 01/21/1984) – 100 counts possession
  • Christopher Chambers (W/M, DOB 07/14/1978) – 9 counts possession
  • Brian David Lbemoine (W/M, DOB 04/14/1981) – 500 counts distribution
  • Paul Thompson (W/M, DOB 12/14/1971) – 10 counts possession
  • David Wayne Oneal (W/M, DOB 11/30/1988) – 19 counts possession
  • Derek Naquin (W/M, DOB 06/30/2000) – 47 counts possession
  • Duane David Reicks (W/M, DOB 11/28/1977) – 2 counts possession
  • Jennings “Jay” Bernard III (W/M, DOB 06/13/1978) – 5 counts possession
  • Michael Ryan Heape (W/M, DOB 09/15/1999) – 25 counts possession
  • Terry Scott Cepowski (W/M, DOB 09/02/1960) – 5 counts possession
  • Christopher Istre (W/M, DOB 03/20/1982) – 6 counts possession
  • Caleb Hickman (W/M, DOB 03/20/1995) – 50 counts possession
  • Jack Vincent Jameson (W/M, DOB 12/11/1988) – 170 counts possession
  • Travis Shane Ryan (W/M, DOB 08/08/1975) – 5 counts possession, indecent behavior with juveniles, computer-aided solicitation of a minor
  • Jessie Comeaux (W/M, DOB 07/04/1982) – 5 counts possession
  • Jared Tyler Olivier (W/M, DOB 12/22/1995) – 25 counts possession
  • Kenny Ray Leday (B/M, DOB 12/29/1981) – 5 counts possession
  • Bonnie Magnon (W/F, DOB 12/15/1967) – 10 counts possession, 3 counts distribution
  • Roy Mouton (W/M, DOB 05/17/1977) – 3 counts distribution
  • Chad Edward Lassalle (W/M, 09/23/1974) – 3 counts possession
  • Mark Evans (W/M, 10/02/1960) – 3 counts possession
  • Jimmy Lee Jackson (W/M, 09/17/1978) – 6 counts possession
  • Roy Lee Mclean (W/M, DOB 10/24/1966) – 1 count possession
  • Patrick J. Manuel (W/M, DOB 05/23/1977) – 6 counts possession
  • Johnny Schalk (W/M, DOB 06/21/1966) – 50 counts possession, 2 counts sexual abuse of an animal
  • Jalen Anthony Walker (B/M, DOB 04/08/1992) – 2 counts felony carnal knowledge of juvenile, indecent behavior with juvenile, computer-aided solicitation of a minor

Some of the law enforcement agencies who participated in the efforts included the Bossier City Marshal’s Office, Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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