Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy speaks out over nationwide protests

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MONROE, La (06/02/20) — As protests continue around the Nation, leaders of the United States are speaking out and addressing what to do.

“His death was tragic. As best we can tell, it was totally preventable. People have the right to peacefully protest,” said Senator Bill Cassidy, (R) Louisiana.

Peaceful protests around the Nation. Some turning violent as protesters and police clash in the streets. Senator Bill Cassidy agreeing with Atlanta mayor, Keisha Bottoms, saying there’s a difference between protesting for change and taking advantage of a movement.

“She said if you’re running down the street with a stolen Gucci bag, you are not protesting George Floyd’s death,” said Cassidy.

Many conservatives are blaming the violence on the group “Antifa”. They’re accusing the group of using the protests as a way to cause chaos and push their agenda.

“I think Antifa has managed to fly beneath the radar because they’ve labeled themselves anti-fascist. People overlook the fact that their policies are actually fascist, in which they wish to inhibit the civil rights of others, threatening the lives of others, to advance their agenda,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy says what our nation needs right now, is to come together.

“We need reconciliation. And so when you see the police officers in Jackson Square kneeling with the protesters or when you see the video of the sheriff in Flint Michigan putting down his baton and taking off his helmet, speaking with protesters and then walking with them. That is what we’re called to,” said Cassidy.

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