Paralyzed man walks in a major marathon

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The Los Angeles marathon is this weekend and there’s a California man who’s trying to break a course record in an amazing way.

Adam Gorlitsky is wheelchair bound. He doesn’t have use of his legs, but he will be walking the Los Angeles marathon.

Look, I’m a paralyzed man walking. That’s an oxymoron right? It’s not even really you know, Gorlistky said.

Gorlitsky suffered a spinal cord injury 13 years ago. This former track and field runner remembers the moment doctors told him he would never walk again.

The best way to describe it is a punch in the gut, Gorlistky said.

Three years ago he started using a robotic exoskeleton made by ReWalk.

I don’t feel disabled but I don’t feel able-bodied. I feel what I call re-enabled. And all that really means is what it means to feel the sense of empower, Gorlistky said.

Empowered enough to enter races again. In the past three years, he has walked 5Ks10Ks and a half-marathon. But this weekend’s LA marathon will be the first time he will walk an entire 26.2 mile marathon using the exoskeleton.

Crossing that finish line. I mean it’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Personal accomplishment, Gorlistky said.

He is hoping to cross the finish line in 36 hours. So marathon officials have given him a special waiver to start walking tonight.

It’s an incredible feeling being out as the same height as everybody. You know we are all going for that same finish line. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, Gorlistky said.

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