‘The Village’ premieres tonight on KTAL NBC 6

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A Brooklyn apartment building is home to a diverse array of residents in the new drama “The Village” that premieres tonight on KTAL NBC 6.

“We’re not biologically connected, all of us, but we’re connected as a family, helping each other through the good times and the bad times,” says Frankie Fasion, who plays building super Ron Davis.

A newly returned vet bonding with other vets, an immigrant fighting deportation and a single mother nurse are just some of the characters interwoven in the series.

“These are people that, on paper, you don’t see what the commonalities are, but if you look a little closer, they are more similar than you think,” says cast member Michaela McManus.

It’s a theme cast members hope can make the show not only inspirational, but aspirational too.

“So much of the news is speaking to the worst of us. I want this to speak to the best of us,” says Lorraine Toussaint. 

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