Tx: car nearly hits child exiting bus caught on cam

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HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) – It was a frightening moment caught on camera — a driver zooming by a stopped school bus, barely missing a child after she got off.

CNN affiliate KTRK reports that police initially said they couldn’t locate the driver because his face wasn’t visible in the video.

However, authorities have now identified and charged the suspect.

18-year-old Julio Coreas, arrested and charged for reckless driving.

Police say he was behind the wheel of a blue Toyota as it raced passed a stopped school bus – five-year-old Melina nearly hit.

Josephine Kirk-Taylor shot the video that went viral two weeks later the arrest.

But it came with a fight.

She says the first officer on scene that day refused to take a report, or even watch her cell phone video.

Today Chief Art Acevado said he is investigating.

“We are looking at our initial response. I think we fell short with it. Our job is to document then investigate.”

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event, Acevado announcing in just ten days they’ve made hundreds of stops in Houston.

Coreas himself admitting to police, he knew what he was doing at the time was wrong saying in court records he quotes:

“Saw the bus stopping and I was accelerating and that was my mistake.”

It’s best to learn while you’re young so you don’t do it while you’re older.

And today the school bus driver making changes parking at a slant in the middle of the street to help protect students.

Melina, walking across the street with her mother, safely getting home.

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