Colorado couple fights off mama bear, cubs in home

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PINE, Colo. (CNN) – A Colorado couple has quite the story of survival after a mother bear and her two cubs broke into their home.

A woman grabbed a baseball bat to fight off the large bear attacking her husband.

Until seeing this video, Jon Johnson and George Ann Fields had no idea how big the bears were that entered their home.

The mother bear skillfully slides open a screen door – coming in right behind her – two cubs.

Johnson and Field were downstairs and heard noises – they knew something was wrong.

Seconds later Johnson was face to face with momma bear.

“She swatted me in the nose.. when she swatted me, then I turned around and I punched her in the nose. She took some swipes here, swipe on my chest,” said homeowner Jon Johnson.

As Johnson was fighting for his life, Fields grabbed a baseball bat and started swinging hitting mama bear at least three times.

“And all I remember honestly seeing was this big brown blob in front of me and I whacked that bear as hard as I could. Both hands. You would’ve thought I was a Louisville slugger,” said Fields.

Meantime Johnson was bleeding profusely.

His nose nearly ripped off.

Deep scratches on his forearm and stomach.

“And I hit this floor as hard as I could and she bolted for the door,” said Fields.

At one point the bear ran into a wall leaving a head print.

Until now the couple had thought that only two bears had made their way in.

Their brush with death much closer than they thought.

The couple says a bird feeder on their porch may have attracted the bears.

Wildlife officials tracked down the mama bear, which was euthanized.

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