Wearing a mask while working out is a double-edged sword, local gym owner says


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The governor’s mask mandate requires you to wear a mask in most public places, including gyms. While wearing one might be protecting others, it could also be putting yourself at risk, one gym owner said.

Gabe Chavis is the owner of Wingspan Training. He believes it should be up to the individual on whether or not they’d like to wear a mask.

Chavis has the ability to social distance in his gym. Other gyms, however, might not.

“Carbon dioxide is one of the things we don’t want circulating through our body, which is why we have the whole ‘talk to your plants’ thing. Plants take carbon dioxide and our bodies take oxygen. Over a long time that will I think that just become dangerous,” Gabe Chavis said.

Chavis also said that the body can quickly overheat from wearing a mask.

“Sitting here talking for a little bit is making me a little light-headed- it’s getting really hot under this mask,” Chavis said. “We’ve only been in here for a few minutes. Just talking in here is an issue. So, imagine having someone do intense motions, it just blows up the body temperature. You sweat more.”

Moisture also becomes an issue while wearing a mask.

“What you end up breathing back in, are the things you want out. Because the moisture will start to trap particles of other things. You know, when things are wet, you use them to wipe things up. You don’t really clean surfaces with a dry towel,” he said.

Chavis said self monitoring is critical if you’re working out in a mask.

“Self monitor yourself, listen to what your body is saying because your body doesn’t say something for no reason. If you feel like you’re getting hot, relax. If you feel like you’re getting nauseous, take a break,” he said.

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