Tomorrow Lows

Thanks to high pressure dominating the ArkLaTex, Saturday and Sunday will be the hottest days out of the next seven. Lows will be in the mid to upper 70s followed by afternoon temperatures on either side of the century mark. Low 100s will likely be found along and south of interstate 30. In addition, it appears as though our rain chances will dry up for the weekend.

Rain Potential

But, there are promising changes starting late Sunday into most of next week. Our pesky high pressure system has been wandering around our area for quite some time. However, A cold front, as strange as it may sound, will approach our area from the Northwest to the Southeast. By Sunday afternoon the front will move into the ArkLaTex and the old high-pressure system will be forced well to the West into Texas. Keep in mind that compressional heating may occur ahead of the front on Sunday.

7 Day Forecast

But, as we go into Monday, temperatures may wind up some 10 degrees cooler than Sunday’s high temperatures. There is a decent chance of rain and a few rumbles as the front comes through. Temperatures will remain cooler for this time of year with at least some chances of rain over the next 10 days. And, Heat Advisories likely will not be needed during this time as most of our afternoon highs will remain in the low to mid-90s. Enjoy it while it lasts!