Another complex of strong to severe thunderstorms will move through the ArkLaTex Tuesday night & Wednesday morning.  Thanks to this afternoon and evening’s rain, the severe threat looks to be a little lower. The rain will decrease Wednesday and end Wednesday evening.  A hot and dry weather pattern sets up by Memorial Day weekend. Scroll down on this article for occasional updates.

Tuesday night storms:  Thunderstorms will develop Tuesday afternoon to the west of the ArkLaTex and move through our area late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  The main severe weather threat that we will face will come in the form of damaging straight-line wind.  A tornado or two will be possible, but that threat is looking rather low at this time.  

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Another issue could become flooding. Tonight’s storms will come on the heels of showers and thunderstorms that will likely move across the area Tuesday afternoon.  Since the ground will likely be quite wet from today’s rain, the threat of flooding will increase with the storms that move across the area tonight. The strongest storms will move out of the ArkLaTex early Wednesday morning.  We will likely see rain continue through much of Wednesday.  It should finally end late Wednesday or Wednesday evening.  

Current severe weather outlooks, watches, warnings with radar

SPC Outlook:  The Storm Prediction Center indicates that we will see a level 2 slight severe weather risk over most of the area.  There will be a level 3 enhanced risk over the western edge of the area where the storms arrive sooner and likely will be stronger.  We could see a lingering risk for some strong storms over the SE edge of the area Wednesday morning, but once the expected complex of storms moves out of our area, our severe weather risk will end.  

Futurecast Rainfall Potential during the next 72 hours

Rainfall potential: Model rainfall projections haven’t changed much since yesterday.  Most of the area will see anywhere from two to three inches of rain.  We could see a few isolated pockets of the area that receive four to five inches.  A Flood Watch is in effect for the chance of a few scattered areas of flooding that results from heavy rain.

A hot Memorial Day weekend:   Once the system that will be responsible for our expected rain moves out to the east, it will be replaced with another area of upper-level high pressure.  This ridge will bring the return of hot and dry weather.  After lows in the 50s Thursday and Friday mornings, we should see morning temperatures return to the 70s by Monday.  Daytime highs will return to the middle 80s by Friday and the lower 90s by this Sunday.  We will likely see lows remain in the 70s and highs in the 90s through all of next week. It is possible that we could stay totally dry through all of next week.