Look for the extreme heat to stick around through Wednesday with temperatures near 105 in spots.  The week will end with slightly cooler temperatures and a chance of rain Thursday and Friday.  Next week looks dry and hot with more triple-digit heat.

High temperatures so far today

The hottest day of the week: Temperatures Tuesday have soared above 100 degrees again with the heat index surpassing 110 in spots.  Look for much of the same Wednesday as many locations could experience the hottest day of the week.  Temperatures Wednesday morning will once again begin in the upper 70s to lower 80s.  Look for daytime highs to climb to the 103 to 106 range over most of the area.  

Heat Index:  Combine the heat with the expected high humidity and we will likely see heat index values in the range of 105 to 113 degrees.  Stay out of the heat if you can.  If you need to be in the heat for an extended period of time, remember to hydrate yourself well in advance, take frequent breaks from the heat, and stay hydrated with plenty of water or non-alcoholic drinks.  If you have a senior relative, friend, or neighbor, check on them occasionally. 

Futurecast updated every hour

A little hope of rain:  Futurecast shows that we will see a clear to partly cloudy sky Tuesday night.  Expect a mix of sunshine and clouds Wednesday.  A weak frontal boundary will ease into the area Thursday and Friday and will bring a slight chance for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Don’t get too excited.  If you are lucky and do get some rain, it likely won’t be much.

Below-normal rainfall:  A large area of upper-level high pressure will continue to be the main player in our weather pattern this weekend and all of next week.  It appears as if it will become centered over the SE part of the country next week.  This will result in a rather dry week as triple-digit heat will likely remain likely in spots.  Models continue to show that we will see well below-normal rainfall as most of the area will likely receive less than ½”.  Many locations could see amounts below ¼” during the entire 10-day period.

Summer heat scoreboard:    Today is the 16th day of triple-digit heat for both Shreveport and Texarkana.  The graphic above compares this summer to the record summer of 2011. At this point, we are 6 100-degree days behind the pace set back in 2011.